You can run Skalc with 3 differents versions :



Demonstration version:

 It is the program you tried

 cost : free


 Competition fixed to "Skating"

 Category fixed to "Demo"

 Skater fixed to "Unregistered"

 No report

 Maximum 8 skaters

Personal version:

 The full program for your usage

 cost : CHF 30.-- (about 20 $)


 Skater fixed to only one name (Fixed when you order the licence)

 Only personal reporting

Club version:

 The full program for team usage

 cost : CHF 75.-- (about 50 $ )

 features :

 No skater name limitations

 Full reporting capability

 Add skater on the fly into Skalc

You should register for using Personal or Club versions.

This registration is done in 3 steps :

  1. You pay for the selected version


     or using secure electronic transfer with credit card. With our partner PalmGear it's more faster and secure for you but a little bit more expensive. NO MORE AWAILBLE DUE TO USD CHECKS EXCESSIVE TAX IN SWITZERLAND

    To register with PalmGear, run Skalc on your Palm, replace "unregistered" with your preferred skater name (only type your surname if more than one of your children skate) and go to the last help screen. You can show here the "RC(RegCode)" and "User Name" who are required to register with PalmGear online registery.

    Personal : or Club version :

    Accept Credit Cards, order by phone 817.640.6558 or by fax 817.640.6614


  3. You send us an e-mail with those informations

  4.  the version you required and the reference of your payment

     the "Palm User Name" or "palmID" of your personal Palm which is assigned during hot sync with your PC

     for personal version the "name of your prefered skater"

     optionally some comments and information on how you discovered our Skalc program

     optionally the e-mail address for delivering the key if it's different from the one you used to send us this mail !


  5. We send you back by e-mail your licence key

 the key is included in the default parameters memo file.

 Just copy it in a PalmDesktop memo and Hotsync with your Palm.

 If it's all right, you can now use the previously limited functionality.

 You can see you are registered directly running the Skalc program (last Help screen)


We wish you full success for your next competitions.

We also appreciate to have your feedback.  

Your feedback or questions to

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