The PalmPilot OBO-2000 calculator



What is Skalc ?

Skalc is a complete program computing skating scores using the new OBO (One By One) Method defined by the ISU (International Skating Union) running on an organise running Palm OS.

Skalc version 1.2.2 implement OBO-2000 (default) and old OBO-1998 rules.

This program is designed to give you :

 two part competition with final rank using definable factors

 real time scoring with your favorite skater always displayed on top of the data entry screen.

 3 to 9 judges with predominance of technical or artistic mark

 five separate lists give you sequence order, part rank and final rank

 9 types of reports

 capability to use qualification rank with definable factors for final result

 skaters list from your PC or direct data entry during the competition

All this in your hand ! Interested ?

Yes, now you can read more about Skalc and how to use it.

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