Download required files to install Skalc demo on your Palm



This program works only on computers running PalmOS.
It does not work on other type of computers such as
portable PC, Window-CE devices or organisers !

The Skalc program is written in WABA which is a JAVA like implementation for small devices. The program needs the WABA Virtual Machine (provided by Wabasoft, included in the ZIP distribution file). Skalc runs only on WABA supported versions of Palm OS.

Palm OS: all supported by WABA (PalmOS 2.0 and later)
WABA: 1.0 (works also in beta 0.9 but not in previous beta version)
Ask us for a special version using SuperWaba (for screen 320x320 devices)

Files to install on your Palm (included in the ZIP):

  • Skalc.prc = launcher (2K)
  • Skalc.pdb = program (47K) Only this file needed to upgrade from previous version
  • Waba.prc = Virtual machine (33K)
  • Waba.pdb = WABA class (40K)

Files to help you (included in the ZIP):

  • READ_ME.txt = How to install, History, Warranty
  • Skalc User's Manual = How to use Skalc, FAQ, Versions (171K)
  • Skalc Reference Manual = technical and detailed information (169K)
  • *.TXT =Waba and GNU licences files

Now you can download the Skalc package :

After installing it in your PalmPilot, you can use the Skalc program in demonstration mode, we hope you enjoy it.

For full functionality don't forget to register as personal or club user.

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